The Declarations of Independents

This post originally featured here on the fantastic Refe Tuma‘s great website Creative Deconstruction. The case for independence: One of the questions I like to ask  when I meet people through music is: “How many artists do you know personally who have a record deal that they’re happy with?” The answer is almost exclusively “None“, […]

Creativity and Education

As a mentor and coach, I have an active interest in how formal education and work I may do in the arts/music interact. I am also very fortunate in that my wife is a teacher, I have friends who work in colleges and teach, some teaching music and music technology. I have friends who work […]

Steve Lawson at UnConvention Swansea

Here’s a section of Steve Lawson‘s rather fantastic Sidebar session of talking and playing at UnConvention Swansea. Steve is a solo bass player (which he describes as sounding “more like a dare than a career path”), he started as a session bassist and was once asked to do a solo slot at a gig. On […]

Islet at Unconvention Swansea – great band, no web

This weekend was Unconvention Swansea – a music conference with a difference, a very positive music event actually focusing on music and on the business of music, grass roots style. Possibly the most inspirational single occurrence was the performance by a great band called Islet, and the follow up to their set. Ironically for a […]