Filesharing Part II – Are the Featured Artists Coalition missing the point?

Following on from yesterday’s post on Lily Allen, File-Sharing and the Smaller Artist here’s a further response to yesterday’s FAC meeting and it’s so called “3 strikes” rule. Well yesterday saw the meeting we’d been looking forward to; the Featured Artists Coalition met at Air Studios to discuss the impact of file-sharing on the music […]

Steve Lawson at UnConvention Swansea

Here’s a section of Steve Lawson‘s rather fantastic Sidebar session of talking and playing at UnConvention Swansea. Steve is a solo bass player (which he describes as sounding “more like a dare than a career path”), he started as a session bassist and was once asked to do a solo slot at a gig. On […]

Malcolm Gladwell, Live and Touring

So, I happened upon a cheeky little tweet earlier pointing me at Malcolm Gladwell Live earlier. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or via FriendFeed may already know his musings via the great presentation he gave on The Story of Success. In short, I rate this opinion. Gladwell is a staff writer with […]