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6K Vision Residential Weekend Pt 2

Following on from yesterday’s post here’s the second half of the video from the recent 6K residential. What do you think? I believe this is a great project giving young people access to professional equipment and to music professionals.It connects young people and helps them musically, commercially and offers opportunities for long-term development. Know any […]

6K Vision Residential Weekend Pt 1

A couple of months ago I attended a music and music business residential at Marrick Priory organised by and with the Culture-Shock team from Northallerton, and I’ve just found the video up online. The 6K team has some really great people including… Tom Bramley, Mike Heaton, Roo Pigott, Matt Burrows, Mike Gatto and John Cross. […]

Independence for Bands: 101 Pt. 1

“Want a record contract?” No, not really. The good old rock ‘n’ roll myth of the perfect record deal is dead. 9 out of 10 (major label) albums cost more to produce than they make. Of all acts signed in 2007, 70% didn’t have their album released. The point at which an artist has many […]

Filesharing Part II – Are the Featured Artists Coalition missing the point?

Following on from yesterday’s post on Lily Allen, File-Sharing and the Smaller Artist here’s a further response to yesterday’s FAC meeting and it’s so called “3 strikes” rule. Well yesterday saw the meeting we’d been looking forward to; the Featured Artists Coalition met at Air Studios to discuss the impact of file-sharing on the music […]

Steve Lawson at UnConvention Swansea

Here’s a section of Steve Lawson‘s rather fantastic Sidebar session of talking and playing at UnConvention Swansea. Steve is a solo bass player (which he describes as sounding “more like a dare than a career path”), he started as a session bassist and was once asked to do a solo slot at a gig. On […]

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