Music Monday: Zoey Van Goey, Dan Lucas & Singing Adams

Zoey Van Goey Zoe Van Goey… Part band, part cultural exchange programme, Zoey Van Goey hail from Scotland… and Canada apparently. I saw them down at Gary Stewart‘s ace Monday night Gaslight Club at Oporto, Leeds. I bought the vinyl… I didn’t however have a record player. After acquiring a long loan Technics from my […]

An Open Letter to The Music Producers Guild

Many thanks to Ed Waring for letting me post his first ever guest post on my blog. Ed is a photographer, a record producer, a research wizard, band member and a great sharer of knowledge. I’m proud to call him a friend too. Over to Ed. A little while ago now I had a very interesting […]

Independence for Bands: 101 Pt. 1

“Want a record contract?” No, not really. The good old rock ‘n’ roll myth of the perfect record deal is dead. 9 out of 10 (major label) albums cost more to produce than they make. Of all acts signed in 2007, 70% didn’t have their album released. The point at which an artist has many […]

From Flickr Pics to Free Goods

Rather brilliantly, this weekend Hope and Social got a bunch of new toys. How? Through us connecting with fans. A while ago, a fan of Irish band The Frames was searching for information on the rather fabulous Black Box studio, France. Black Box is where The Frames record, where dEUS have recorded, where Mark Geary […]

New strings to the bow

Had a really great week this past week. Incredibly busy, 7 gigs in seven days, with Hope and Social and also with Jason Feddy… hence the lack of proper bloggage to be honest. I have been asked to guest blog for two great sites; Creative Deconstruction for the wonderful Refe Tuma, and Media 140 for […]

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