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Like a Music Industry Conference, But In Your Computer!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday, music industries website New Music Strategies and the web-brilliantness team at Amplified are working together to deliver a collaborative, online event about music and the music industries.

Tonight – Musicians Get Better at The Internet

It’s a first Tonight is the first “Yorkshire Musicians’ Social Media Surgery”,and I’m rather looking forward to it. I’ve already blogged a bit about what its’ all about over here, but we have a little more information about tonight’s goings on. There’ll be a bit of food and drink for us all, which’ll be nice. […]

An Open Letter to The Music Producers Guild

Many thanks to Ed Waring for letting me post his first ever guest post on my blog. Ed is a photographer, a record producer, a research wizard, band member and a great sharer of knowledge. I’m proud to call him a friend too. Over to Ed. A little while ago now I had a very interesting […]

Independence for Bands: 101 Pt. 2

Music Business Income Goes Up – Music Business Costs Go Down So, in Independence for Bands: 101 Pt. 1, I discussed reasons why record deals from big music aren’t the way to go, and some of the negative connotations associated with the old record business behemoths. However, I truly believe that things have never been […]

Independence for Bands: 101 Pt. 1

“Want a record contract?” No, not really. The good old rock ‘n’ roll myth of the perfect record deal is dead. 9 out of 10 (major label) albums cost more to produce than they make. Of all acts signed in 2007, 70% didn’t have their album released. The point at which an artist has many […]

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