An Open Letter to The Music Producers Guild

Many thanks to Ed Waring for letting me post his first ever guest post on my blog. Ed is a photographer, a record producer, a research wizard, band member and a great sharer of knowledge. I’m proud to call him a friend too. Over to Ed. A little while ago now I had a very interesting […]

6K Vision Residential Weekend Pt 2

Following on from yesterday’s post here’s the second half of the video from the recent 6K residential. What do you think? I believe this is a great project giving young people access to professional equipment and to music professionals.It connects young people and helps them musically, commercially and offers opportunities for long-term development. Know any […]

6K Vision Residential Weekend Pt 1

A couple of months ago I attended a music and music business residential at Marrick Priory organised by and with the Culture-Shock team from Northallerton, and I’ve just found the video up online. The 6K team has some really great people including… Tom Bramley, Mike Heaton, Roo Pigott, Matt Burrows, Mike Gatto and John Cross. […]

Global Enterprise Week Event – Lancaster University

MUSIC INDUSTRY PANEL EVENT: HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS? We’re very excited to be speaking at this Grow Creative event hosted by Lancaster University and facilitated by Mushroom Concepts for the forthcoming Global Enterprise Week (followed by a performance at this gig) at 6.30pm, Storey Creative Industries […]

New strings to the bow

Had a really great week this past week. Incredibly busy, 7 gigs in seven days, with Hope and Social and also with Jason Feddy… hence the lack of proper bloggage to be honest. I have been asked to guest blog for two great sites; Creative Deconstruction for the wonderful Refe Tuma, and Media 140 for […]

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