Music Monday: Zoey Van Goey, Dan Lucas & Singing Adams

Zoey Van Goey Zoe Van Goey… Part band, part cultural exchange programme, Zoey Van Goey hail from Scotland… and Canada apparently. I saw them down at Gary Stewart‘s ace Monday night Gaslight Club at Oporto, Leeds. I bought the vinyl… I didn’t however have a record player. After acquiring a long loan Technics from my […]

Filesharing Part II – Are the Featured Artists Coalition missing the point?

Following on from yesterday’s post on Lily Allen, File-Sharing and the Smaller Artist here’s a further response to yesterday’s FAC meeting and it’s so called “3 strikes” rule. Well yesterday saw the meeting we’d been looking forward to; the Featured Artists Coalition met at Air Studios to discuss the impact of file-sharing on the music […]

Glasto roundup – Part 1

Taken from the Hope and Social WordPress blog. Well we played Glastonbury this year and you know what, it wasn’t bad [grin]. We’ve been back to the grindstone at the Crypt since, writing Hope and Social’s second album and 5 songs for Imitating the Dog‘s new Greece/UK project Tales From The Bar Of Lost Souls […]

Islet at Unconvention Swansea – great band, no web

This weekend was Unconvention Swansea – a music conference with a difference, a very positive music event actually focusing on music and on the business of music, grass roots style. Possibly the most inspirational single occurrence was the performance by a great band called Islet, and the follow up to their set. Ironically for a […]

18 Months of My Life Compressed Onto 1 Side of a TDK D90

Well, it’s “Live”. It’s “Out There”. Finally after much arduous work from Simon (@socialsimon), Ed (@edwaring), Jason (@jasonsocial) and I (@thehuxcapacitor), the “Hope and Social” album “Architect of This Church” is available for your delectation. It is, to all intents and purposes, as free as a record can be. 18 months in the making and […]