An open letter to the PCC and Closer Magazine

Closer Magazine – Repugnant and Irresponsible.

Yesterday, whilst fuelling up the car, I spotted this headline on the front of Closer Magazine.

Skinny and pregnant, or not... and fat.

I often find myself aghast at the filth pedalled by red top magazines in the vague guise of journalism and reportage, but this one I couldn’t just let lie, so here’s what I’ve sent to the PCC and here’s hoping that some action is taken.

Dear PCC,

I hope this finds you well. Spotted the headlines and pictures detailed at

It’s clearly highly irresponsible to a) portray the woman on the right as someone who is showing a “tum” and implying that she should lose weight, and also to encourage slimming/dieting when pregnant. It’s also sensationalist and clearly a dangerous thing to pedal to young impressionables. I’m reporting this to you if only on the basis that it flouts the following from your Code Of Conduct: (more…)

Like a Music Industry Conference, But In Your Computer!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday, music industries website New Music Strategies and the web-brilliantness team at Amplified are working together to deliver a collaborative, online event about music and the music industries.

Amplified by Amps


It’s Oh So Quiet…

A few people have emailed and tweeted with me recently asking why I’d not been around as much over here on this blog, some people even asked if I was well and healthy. I appreciate the concern, but worry thee not… I am alive and well.

I’ve been working a lot on the Hope and Social record Sleep Sound and touring and promoting the record too, but also I’ve had my head down working on a piece for me MA in Music Industries. We were asked to write 5 blog posts (on the, and to re-draft them for submission as one 3,000 word piece. Even with a redraft (from the blogs that went to make up the draft, below), I was still over my word limit a bit, but here’s what I’ve been writing about. (more…)

Hope and Social – Sleep Sound review by Oliver Arditi

All of us who are part of Hope and Social were genuinely moved to find this review by Oliver Arditi over on his blog. There’s an excerpt below but follow the Read More link to get the blog in full. Better still, have a look around his site, read about his Monday Musical Musings and his reviews of other schtuff… not least his review of Steve Lawson‘s 11 Reasons why 3 is Greater Than Everything. (more…)

Gary Stewart Tour – Pt 1

It’s been a busy old time finishing the Hope and Social record this past few weeks and no sooner than we finished making that than Gary Stewart picks me up to head to Bristol, Bath and beyond for a tour of his stuff.

We arrived in Bristol yesterday and after checking in with Zak (Gary’s mate and member of…), we had chance to rehearse a cover that we’ve put in the set, an old favourite of mine “Nothing Ever Happens”

We rehearsed a cheeky cover with @garystewartband earlier. ;) (mp3)

Gig 1