Studio & Record Making

I like making records.

Records I’m on, records I produce, and records that I record and mix with artists I like. Mostly, I work here… The Crypt:

Photo c/o Barnaby Aldrick:

Photo c/o

Situated directly beneath a 19th century working church (we have to stop work for services, weddings, christenings and funerals) which earns a mention in the Bronte novels and with bells made out of cannons from the Napoleonic wars, The Crypt is an inspirational, and great sounding space, with ace gear to play with…

If you already know me from Hope and Social then you’ll know that I come very much from the musicians’ perspective, so can also bring musical ideas to the table. I’m happy to get very involved in arrangements, pre-production, harmony and parts. I’m happy to play on your record if that’s what you want too. Whatever you want really.

Photo c/o Barnaby Aldrick:

Photo c/o Barnaby Aldrick:

I’m equally happy not too mind. [grins]

I don’t want to impose My Sound on your recording. The most important job for me as producer is to facilitate you making the record you want to make. If you’re interested in discussing your music then talk to me here. I can come to you, or you come to us – or send us your files for remote mixing.

Here’s a selection of some of the stuff I have worked on.

Without a Fight…
…is by the lovely Fossil Collective. I’m on electric guitars and bass on this and it’s produced by Ed Waring, me and Fossil Collective.

Titanium – CryBaby Cry
Filthy guitar, bass & drums trio. Recorded in three hours by James Hamilton and I, mixed later by Ed. (Produced by all three of us I guess you’d say)

Matador (Acoustic) by Sky Larkin by Skylarkin
Beautiful version of the Sky Larkin song. Includes some fantastic “arm-muted” piano. This one’s produced by Ed Waring and Sky Larkin. My involvement was just in terms of capturing the vocals really. Love it though, so thought it was worth including here.

Charlie Don’t Surf from “Aftaparty” – by Rosie
I worked with Rosie from when they were 17. A phenomenal band. This remains my favourite rock’n’roll pop song of theirs.

“For You” EP – by George Boomsma
George brought some of my favourite musicians to record, so this was fun. Done in a weekend. (quick, and dirty as we’d say), and it’s lovely stuff.

Staralfur – by Hunting Bears
Another beautiful cover for the Love Music Leeds project. Lovely band these peeps. Go say howdy to ’em on twitter.

Fear And Other Friends- by Louise Petit
A prolific writer, Luoise and crew came to the crypt for a weekend, and we made this. Essentially a live record with a couple of overdubs (some songs are totally live, vocal in the room with the band), I loved making this record.

Rich and Ed’s [coughs] “showreel”
This video is a few years old now., but it’s got some examples of the stuff we’ve worked on.

“Of everywhere I’ve been, the closest thing to the sound of this place is Abbey Road” – Mike Heaton, Embrace

“The best thing about this place, is You” – Sketches

Amongst our weaponry: Our lovely toys include

Fender Twin Vox AC30 Lots of Fender guitars
Two Pianos Fender Blues Jnr. Fender Bassman
Hammond Organ Epiphone Sheraton Ampeg 8×10 cab
1964 Fender Vibro Champ Epiphone Jnr 5 Watt amp Fender Rhodes 73 Elec Piano
Neve and API preamps A Concert Xylophone A Vintage Harmonium
Oodles of pedals Plenty of Mics Bags of enthusiasm