Bring The Happy

Bring the Happy is an ongoing project about happiness, an attempt to map our stories in all of their beautiful, sometimes tragic and occasionally mundane glory. Bring the Happy began in Leeds in 2010 where for two months people left their happy memories on a giant map of the city describing what the memory was, where it took place and how happy it made them on a scale of 1-10. The stories and songs on this album are from the people of Leeds who kindly entrusted us their memories and even though this is less than half of the complete show we still think it’s kinda beautiful.

WARNING: Contains spoken word. Don’t be scared.

Bring the Happy continues to grow from city to city and belongs to all the people that have participated in it. It is touring throughout 2013 and beyond. For upcoming dates and more info go here:

This project is a collaboration between Invisible Flock and Hope and Social. One of these is an interactive arts collective and the other one is Invisible Flock.

As always the album is Pay What You Think it’s Worth. You can download for free and we heartily encourage you to do that and share it with your friends. As always though we encourage you to think about what value art had to you and remember that whatever money you choose to pay helps to make this music.