All Our Dancing Days

A lovely record, with a bear on it, designed inside the House of Hope and paid for with the tears of folkie singers.

2012 was supposed to be our year off. Let’s ease back a bit, spend some time reflecting, chewing the fat. Hmmmm. An acoustic album, two tours, fifteen festivals, an Edinburgh Festival performance and six Crypt Covers later and we decided to make another album. This is a record in the truest sense of the word: a record of two months in the band’s life when we locked ourselves in the Crypt with no preconceived ideas, no plan and no expectations and just wrote some music. We armed ourselves with Ray Charles’ Greatest Hits, a VHS copy of The Commitments and a lot of fast food and just played to see what would happen. Basically, this is it. No huge agenda and no point to prove this time. A diary…or a…record.

released 12 November 2012