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A Song In A Day

The other week, I had the privilege of working with an amazing group of teenage women. The challenge was to make and record a song in a day. The group had been working on issues to of gender-stereotyping, self-image, the representation of women in the media, esteem and looking at the strength of these rather […]

Wish You Were Here

Writing Songs Rooted in Places Over the past couple of months I’ve been privileged to work on a number of songwriting projects rooted in Yorkshire towns. One is the Creative Residencies project, an Arts Council funded project based in North Yorkshire Libraries (I’ll be writing more about that shortly, promise!), and last week I was […]

Accounting for the Uncounted

Or “We Are the long tail, and We are mighty“ I’m now well into the last taught term of my MA Music Industries at BCU, and am preparing to write my dissertation. If you know me and/or my writing, you’ll probably already have an inkling that my dissertation is going to be around policy, it’s […]

Ancient Sunlight

Ed Waring and I are in Exeter this week working on “Ancient Sunlight“, a project initiated by Kaleider. As you’d perhaps expect, Kaleider, based in Exeter, specialise in bringing together people of different expertise to make art together. There’s a twitter list of Kaleider’s Ancient Sunlight team over here. Some great people… well worth a […]

Rewind Presents – “Libraries Change Lives” Award

For the past couple of years Claire Thompson of Skipton Library and I have been working with a bunch of young songwriters on Tuesdays at the Library. Originally under the name “Skipton Songwriters, they’re now Rewind Presents, and an enterprising bunch of young people they are too. As well as writing and performing music of […]

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