Gary Stewart at The Bedford – Live Stream: 16/9/12

Gary Stewart Band at The Bedford: Live Stream

This evening, Gary Stewart, happily (I was going to put “ably” but I thought that a tad presumptuous) accompanied by James Warrender (Ellen and The Escapades), Adam “Legend” Richards (Spirit of John), Sam Lawrence (Wilful Missing) and I, are playing at The (gorgeous) Bedford, a venue I’ve wanted to play at for years.

We’re very happy to be supporting Feldspar, who tonight, are releasing their new EP “The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. 1”. Additionally, they’re also putting a bunch of videos out, including “Let The Time Run”, a happily skipping ditty with the playful and rambunctious lyric “You were too ugly for sadness and I was too ugly for sex”. Lovely.

There’ a rather nifty live stream of to the night’s sets below, and set times for tothe night are…
7.15pm – NED
8.00pm: Gary Stewart
8.45pm: Feldspar

and you can find the Gary Stewart set at about 42 minutes in.

So, if you can’t be in the room… see you on the internetz. Comments verrry welcome below too ;)

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