Ancient Sunlight

Ed Waring and I are in Exeter this week working on “Ancient Sunlight“, a project initiated by Kaleider. As you’d perhaps expect, Kaleider, based in Exeter, specialise in bringing together people of different expertise to make art together. There’s a twitter list of Kaleider’s Ancient Sunlight team over here. Some great people… well worth a follow… or 12. ;)

One of the initial questions posed by Kalieder for Ancient Sunlight is “What would we do with the world’s last barrel of oil?”; oil of course being stored energy… which comes from the sun. This led to conversations about Peak Oil, Climate Change and made me think back to the Tipping Point event in Newcastle; The Artistic Response to Climate Change (where I worked with Amplified).

Tipping Point NewcastleTipping Point NewcastleImages from TippingPoint Newcastle #TPNewcastle

It’s a new and challenging experience for Ed and I, essentially we’re part of a team creating a piece of devised theatre to play out across a whole city. It’s a very large project.

We’re not quite sure exactly what the output and outcomes of Ancient Sunlight will be, though it will culminate in a four day, large scale performance in Exeter. This morning, Emily Williams, Bee Watson and I have been talking about ways to engage with people who aren’t in the room with us here at Exeter University… and on twitter I’ve just asked this question:

What images & sounds would you find in a “post-oil” world?

We’d love to get some responses from outside the room. Do you feel positive or negative about an oil-less world? What are the questions/issues that need addressing? How would you engage communities about an issue so overwhelmingly huge that we perhaps push it to the backs of our minds?

I was surprised at how I felt about it yesterday after collecting some sounds and images in “Picle” Original Picle Story here, and exported to youtube for easy embedding below.

If that’s made you have a think about this in any way, then please do get involved, comment here, tweet me, tag tweets, pictures, audio or anything else with #ancientsunlight. It’s a particular challenge for us to not only engage with the outside world on this, but we feel a great responsibility to make this relevant to the people of Exeter and beyond.

Over to you!

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