For Sale Part One

The time has come for me to part with a couple of the tools that have been part of my rig in years gone by that I no longer have use for. It’s with a tinge of sadness that I say good bye to some of this equipment. Some of it has been used to make records that I’ve been on, some of it was with us when Four Day Hombre played live on Radio 1, and one item in particular tugs at my musical heart-strings but, I have no practical use for these day to day any more, so it’s time to have a clearout.

To start, I’m going to be selling my Marshall 20/20 amp, Hughes and Kettner Tubeman pre-amp and an Ibanez RG “Prestige” and TC Electronic Triple C Compressor on my eBay account here (There seems to be a little issue with the “My eBay” link at the moment, but clicking the direct product links above will take you straight there). In the coming weeks I’ll also be parting with a Danelectro U3 and a Zoom 9050S amongst other things. Here’s some photos of the stuff via my flickr account:

The Marshall, the Tubeman and the TC-Electronics compressor were used extensively in the making of Four Day Hombre’s first Single “The First Word is The Hardest, which (in our dim and distant past) caused quite a stir for us. It was playlisted on Radio 1 (more on that here too), and they were all also used when we played live on Radio 1 with Chris Moyles.

If you want to hear the gear in action, here are the tracks:

The First Word Is The Hardest – Single by Four Day Hombre

First up, the heartbreaking sale of my…

Marshall EL84 20/20.

My gorgeous Marshall EL84 20/20. 40 Watts (2x 20) of pure Marshall Valve warmth in a super portable, 1U Rack space.

Proper loud, and adept at clear ringing clean tones through to defined, heavy grunt. I have loved this amp. It’s seen plenty of studio and road use (fully flightcased of course). It’s only because I now use a (25W valve) combo that I don’t need her any more. You can hear it in action, coupled with the Hughes and Kettner Tubeman I’m also selling on the above record.

These seem to go for around £650 new. This particular unit is in good condition. There’s a couple of superficial/cosmetic scratches but nothing serious and it’s in fine working order. I’ve been using it as my hi-fi amp in the past couple of months and it’s just gorgeous. Huge sound-stage, depth and clarity. I’m really going to miss it.

Hughes and Kettner – Tubeman
3 Channel Guitar Pre-Amp

This was the “front end” to my guitar rig during the Four Day Hombre days. Sweet cleans from the “Clean channel” (unsurprisingly), crunch through to lead on channel 2, and high-gain is taken care of on channel 3. Equally at home or on stage and either straight to desk/recorder (via it’s dedicated recording out) or used to power an amp. I’ve made good use of this little fella as a bass DI, and again, it’s the sound of all my guitars on the “First Word is The Hardest” single.

There’s a good thread on the renowned Gearslutz forum here which should show just how highly regarded this box of Tone is. With the direct-to desk output, you can think of it as an analog Pod for “silent” recording of anything from blues to indie to rock. Plug it into a power amp and it’s ace too. Plug in both if you want to blend your tone. Dead versatile.

TC Electronics – Triple C

Rather cool full range/3 band compressor (hence the name) by TC Electronic. We used this a lot on the “…First Word…” single as I recall. I can testify it’s strength for individual instrument compression, on drum and guitar busses as well as a “mix finaliser”. Equally useful in the studio or on a Front of House mix, and with dynamics shaping and gating abilities to boot, it’s a versatile and characterful tool.

We’re leaving our presets in there including “NT2s 1st Word” (used on overheads on The First Word is The Hardest), “Plaything O/Heads (use on drum overheads on Resolve), Plaything B/Drum (Resolve kick drum compressor), plaything Mix (Mix compression on Resolve) as well as “Si Quiet De-Ess” (used on Si’s vocals). There’s even a front-of-house compressor setting that we’ve used for PA with Hope and Social.

If you want to read up a bit more on it in use, here’s the manual and quick start guide for the Triple-C. Hard copies of these will be included. Also, here’s what the press had to say about it.

Ibanez RG1570 MRB Guitar in Mirage Blue (comes W/Hardcase)

This was bought by my dad (a rock’n’roller who plays with super heavy strings… not a sweep-picking noodler) and he’s passed it on to me to do with what I wish. And I wish to sell it. [grins]

It’s not the kind of guitar I use a lot (though I have used it on a couple of records), so it’s gotta go. Great condition bar one tiny nick (in the photos). The thin, fast, and flat neck plays fast and the powerful pickups are packed full of tone, from the creamy humbuckers through to sparkly clean with the single coil. It’s very versatile and a great studio guitar.

That said, it’s light and resonant basswood body makes it easy to shoulder through long gigs.

Ibanez Wizard Prestige 3pc. Maple Neck, Basswood Body, 24 Jumbo frets, Rosewood Finger Board W/Pearl dot inlay, Ibanez V8 Humbucker bridge P/U, Ibanez V7 Humbucker Neck P/U, Ibanez S1 Single coil Middle Pickup, Polished Chrome hardware.

Includes lockable Ibanez M10RG Hard Case, good quality guitar cable, strap, tuner, picks and guitar tools.
So, happy bidding. Hope you like ’em all and if you have any questions post ’em up here or over on eBay and I’ll cross-post questions and answers.

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