Music Monday: Zoey Van Goey, Dan Lucas & Singing Adams

A record, on my record player.

Zoey Van Goey

Zoe Van Goey… Part band, part cultural exchange programme, Zoey Van Goey hail from Scotland… and Canada apparently. I saw them down at Gary Stewart‘s ace Monday night Gaslight Club at Oporto, Leeds. I bought the vinyl… I didn’t however have a record player.

After acquiring a long loan Technics from my friend Leon Ross (@qrtzcntrl), I popped this little beauty on and it’s become regular listening at the House of Huxley. It’s not so easily available or sharable so far as I can tell, you can goto the Zoe Van Goey website and click through to iTunes, but I found this little fella up on Souncloud via Zoey Van Goey’s label Chemikal Underground.

Zoey Van Goey – Mountain On Fire by Chemikal Underground

I’m always a bit gutted to find that a band I have grown to love’s tunes aren’t on, and are only available through iTunes and the more traditional routes, but my independent leanings detract in no way from the gorgeousness of the album. Playful, honest and then in turn, delicate and bombastic; lyrical highlights include “I am drunk and on a ladder, not the smartest way to start my night” and “I listened to your record and it made me want to jump out of a window, but in a good way”.

The album seems to really suit the vinyl album format, it sounds precious and valuable yet small, almost throwaway in places. It’s a beautiful record anyhoo, and I’d highly recommend the vinyl. Now to find the digital version to get it on my iPod.

@bosscaine at HartlepoolBoss Caine

Hope and Social (tunes over there to right if you like “pay what you want” music [grins]) played in Hartlepool as part of our Sleep Sound tour in May and we had the pleasure of Dan Lucas/G.T. Turbo/Boss Caine‘s company and music for the night. Not only is Dan an amazing singer and songwriter…

… but he’s also just one of those people who make a day better.

Dan came back to stay at ours after the gig and as well as drinking and talking &%$£ at each other for hours until we could no longer speak, we listened to a load of music into the wee hours… Including…

Singing Adams

I’m a tad late to the party on this one but after the above mentioned drunken conversation with the amazing Boss Caine, I went out and bought the great Singing Adams album. Proper amazing again. Dan and I have both known Steven Adams for years now (you may have caught Gary supporting Singing Adams at the Brudenell Social a couple of months ago). I hadn’t spotter that the album had come out actually, I’d only seen this single come out.

Rest assured there’s plenty more stuff to try out at the Singing Adams Soundcloud profile, but why wait? Well worth the download price IMHO.

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