Music Monday – Independents Day

It’s the 4th of July

… and what better way to celebrate than by championing a load of great, independent music?

Incidentally, this is my first blog on my new (and to be fair, still very much in development) blog at I’ve decided to move things over here from for a number of reasons, as has been a bit of a test-space for my installation. But enough of that… I have music to share!

She Makes War

You may recognise the ace Laura Kidd (aka @shemakeswar aka @warriorgrrl) from the recent Amplified meets New Music Strategies sessions from the week before last. (You can see our first discussion about the internet and music here). In addition to having a load of smart stuff to say about the music industries, Laura also does great stuff with cameras… and music. This weekend she’s been combining both for her track Slow Puncture. Treacle heavy, grinding and listing like a waterlogged ship, Slow Puncture is a favourite of mine. The video is technicolour London, playful, dreamy and features storm-troopers so you’ve gotta like it really. #nobrainwer

Better still, you can get a bit of context for the music, and a making of video (of the making of of the video) here. Best of all, you can get She Makes War music as a Pay What You Want download. You know what to do. ;)


I’ve known Rosie, a band from deepest darkest North Yorkshire, for a couple of years now and have even had the pleasure of working with them on a couple of these tracks. Mixed at our very own Crypt Studio by @edhombre, this is an amazing debut album Aftaparty. More tongue in cheek than two teenagers necking, this is a full on bombastic, pop-tastic, getting ready for a night on the town assault to the ears.

If you like great pop music, and dancing, and loud guitars, and sub-bass, and great lyrics (“I started dancing just to settle a bet” – Sneakers for Jesus) or y’know, enjoying yourself, then I heartily recommend this album (again available as a Pay What You Want download here).

You can find Louis from Rosie on twitter too. ;)

String Felllows

OK, forget that the word stringfellows has negative connotations for a minute and press play on “Yes Sir”. Now open your ears and hearts to String Fellows.

String Fellows are a 49 (Approx.) string String Band who play great music. “Songs from around the world, covers and originals and everything in-between” they say (here), and who are we to argue?

It took me a tiny while to get over the name, about 1 minute and 9 seconds if I’m honest (you’ve pressed play yeah?). I’m a sucker for a band with dynamics, a sense of identity and a sense of humour…. and like everyone on here, they’re independent, and available on Bandcamp.

Who could ask for more?


  1. Ellen S says:

    Slow Puncture is growing some roots in my library, and I’m digging The Stringfellows as well: how can you go wrong with lyrics like “I already told you in the first verse”? (The name issue must be another continental divide – remind me to ask about it later). Happy Independents Day, indeed!
    And congrats on the new page, fella.

  2. thehuxcapacitor says:

    Thanks Ellen. Good schtuff that lot eh. I’m rather pleased with my new site too. Still needs work and that, but getting there.

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