Like a Music Industry Conference, But In Your Computer!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday, music industries website New Music Strategies and the web-brilliantness team at Amplified are working together to deliver a collaborative, online event about music and the music industries.

Amplified by Amps

For those of you know know the NMS and Amplifiedteams, you’ll know that I have quite a few conversations with them on that there Twitter and I am hugely pleased to say that for tomorrow’s project I’ll be working with them.

The event will go something like this; opening with a 10 minute video of a music industry worker saying something interesting, followed by a round-table discussion. Simultaneously, there’ll be an open chat-room, and we’ll be bringing in conversations from the chat room while the discussion is happening. Moreover, the whole shebang, videos discussions, chat-room activity and conversations will be archived for use later. What’s really interesting about this for me is that the team are asking people to continue the conversations on their own blogs, websites and on twitter  … as Steve Lawson put it,

“People need to process, to talk things through in the ‘coffee breaks’ and perhaps to go and blog their thoughts, to add to the weight and value of the overall conversation.
We want the conversation to be wider,
the output to be more easily sharable,
and the end result to be easy to access as an archive.”

So, time being of the essence, this will be happening four times over the next two days, 4pm and 8pm (GMT) on Tuesday the 21st, and Wednesday the 22nd of June, with the 4pm slot being run from Leeds, with Laura Kidd, Andrew Dubber & I. The 8pm slots running with Steve Lawson et al from Nashville.

It’s been in the pipeline some time. You can read about it a little more here, here and here, but if nothing else, if you are into music, and the business of music, make yourself free at 4pm and/or 8pm for the next two nights.

See you there.

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