It’s Oh So Quiet…

A few people have emailed and tweeted with me recently asking why I’d not been around as much over here on this blog, some people even asked if I was well and healthy. I appreciate the concern, but worry thee not… I am alive and well.

I’ve been working a lot on the Hope and Social record Sleep Sound and touring and promoting the record too, but also I’ve had my head down working on a piece for me MA in Music Industries. We were asked to write 5 blog posts (on the, and to re-draft them for submission as one 3,000 word piece. Even with a redraft (from the blogs that went to make up the draft, below), I was still over my word limit a bit, but here’s what I’ve been writing about.

The Democratisation of Music Distribution – Everyone can distribute their music… this is a good thing vs this is a bad thing, this is a new thing vs this is an old thing. Not the first time I’ve written on this subject.

Everyone Else is Doing it So Why Can’t We? (or… The Democratisation of Music Production) – not dis-similar to the above arguements but from a slightly different perspective.

The Death of The Music Industry A bit broad this one. Not sure I really got to the crux of my argument but it was the first subject I attempted. I’m still learning like. [grin]

Piracy and Policy – I find the idea that policy is made by and for the small percent of musicians who make millions, as opposed to the millions of musicians who make hundreds and thousands a huge cultural anomaly. I’ve discussed this a bit here

Beyond The Text – Meaning Outside of The Music – How do the wider activities of (particularly our social-media aware) musicians give a context and meaning to the songs they write and the records they make.

Quite a lot of words there, sorry.

There’s also been the blogs going up on the Hope and Social site about the recording of the album… but I can take very little credit for that… as I’ve been in tour, work or scholarly modes…

No rest for the wicked mind, there’s another one due in in a week or so. So rest assured that I will be “going dark” in a Black Hawk Down stylee for the rest of this week… at least. But I’ll be back.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts on those blogs please do chime in on the comments, here or over on the pages. It’s really useful to us doing the Music Industries MA in our studies, and for H&S as a band.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I wish Hope&Social and Bandcamp and all of these other similar things/ideas had been around when I did my degree. Then I’d’ve really had something to get my teeth into when I wrote my dissertation on pop music. Good luck with the MA!

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