18 Months of My Life Compressed Onto 1 Side of a TDK D90

Well, it’s “Live”. It’s “Out There”. Finally after much arduous work from Simon (@socialsimon), Ed (@edwaring), Jason (@jasonsocial) and I (@thehuxcapacitor), the “Hope and Social” album “Architect of This Church” is available for your delectation.

It is, to all intents and purposes, as free as a record can be. 18 months in the making and it’s nearly bankrupted me, Ed and Si a number of times. I would love to say it’s just been a breeze and I’m just happy it’s out; while the latter is true, this has been one hard slog.

We’re doing this on a donation basis, so you can pay what you want for the CD (over what it costs us to manufacture, ethically, fully recycled packaging and all that hippy goodness), and whatever you want (over 1p) for the digital from www.hopeandsocial.com. There’s a text file you get with the download that we’d love you to read, but meanwhile please have a read of the press release for the album here. There’s more stuff up at the Hope and Social resources page which give you an idea of the making of the album.

Anyway, the point of all this is that we want people to hear our music, to have our music. The download is really hi-res mp3s so they’ll sound as good as mp3s can. We want people to spread it around, give us what they can… We already have people downloading the album and donating upwards of 30 quid, and some right there at the 1p mark. While I I’m glad they’ve got the tunes, I do kinda hope they’ll listen, come back to the site and donate more. It was my life for 18 months, and there it is, it’ll fit on one side of a TDK D90 and there’s a lot of love for it coming back from the twitter community.

Rather fantastically, tomorrow night, in Denver, there is to be a Hope and Social launch party. I’ll not name names but this kind of support is blowing our tiny minds right now. We’re expecting some photos from this to show up on the site’s flickr feed (if you tag a photo with hopeandsocial, or is it hope and social??? it’ll show up on the site dontchaknow!) so keep your peepers peeled.

Lastly, free Chilli tonight at Mojo in Leeds. We are going to have an album playback as well as play a set. But c’mon..! Free Chilli! Whoop!

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